Second Annual Apicius Conference

The current Blending Newsletter is the first issue of the Spring 2016 season, and opens with a special look at the upcoming Apicius  academic conference. Also featured are FUA HR management students meeting a rep from Lamborghini, intimate glances at Florence spaces by travel writing students, and catching up with alum Ock Hyeon Byeon whose new café in New York’s East Village collaborates with fellow alums from around the world.

Cover image courtesy of FUA

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Want to catch up on your Blending reading? Back issues of the latest editions may be downloaded as full pdfs below.


  • Spring 2018 Career Program Graduation

    The third issue of Spring 2018 opens with the recent graduation of FUA Career Program students representing diverse areas of the institution. Also featured are reviews of current art exhibitions in Florence and a look at Florentine markets and carousels. The monthly alumni section interviews Vanessa Weego, who is currently applying design skills at a US-based Italian company.

    Cover by Molli Browne
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  • DIVA Film Photography Exhibition

    The first issue of Spring 2018 features a breaking news piece on DIVA’s first film photography exhibition in Corridoio Fiorentino. Also featured are three stories on the labyrinth feature of San Martino Cathedral in Lucca, Vegan Food in Florence written in Italian by an advanced language student and an article on the Chianti Lover’s Wine Festival.

    Cover image courtesy of FUA
    BNyr8iss2 1080x457
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  • First Alumni Week in Florence

    The first issue of Spring 2018 features a breaking news piece on FUA’s first-ever Alumni Week that hosted former students in Florence. Also featured are Florentine museum accessibility for the visually impaired, life in Florentine streets written in Italian by advanced language students, feeling one’s way around famous squares, and two gorgeous photojournalism stories on Florentine faces and places.

    Cover image courtesy of FUA
    BNyr8iss1 1080x457
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  • Jessie Chaffee Presents Novel in Florence

    The third issue of Fall 2017 features a breaking news piece on author and former FUA writer-in-residence Jessie Chaffee who presented her new novel prior to the fall FUA-SBU conference. The issue also includes Apicius’ new WACS Fast Track certification, a special traveling with children section, and fashion students imagining interviews with Pucci and Ferragamo.

    Cover image courtesy of Jessie Chaffee

    BN 1080x457
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  • TuttoToscana Debuts Art in NYC

    The second issue of Fall 2017 features a breaking news piece on the recent TuttoToscana program in NYC. Creativity abounds with musings on the positivity of solitude, a two-page fashion spread, and short story about love at first sight. A first-hand account of the launch party for the Femininity Is... capsule collection by FAST alum Alexandra Zofcin rounds out this edition of Blending Newsletter.

    Cover image by David Weiss

    blending year7iss7 1080x457
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  • DIVA Students Capture City Perspectives

    The current Blending Newsletter is the first issue of the Fall 2017 semester. For our breaking news, we have a recap of the Landscape and Architecture student photography exhibit and an interview with Lorenzo Bonamassa, the current artist featured at Ganzo gallery. Fashion students share the FLY Look of the Month in a photo essay and a unique experience of the Milan Fashion Week. An article in the Italian language on the Sant'Ambrogio market, musings from our Travel Writing students on identity, and an article on our Student Life City Walk activity round out this issue.

    Cover image: Exhibition images by Jennifer Persichilli and Breanna Black

    blendingyr7iss6 1080x457
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  • Gallery Students Curate Travel Photography Exhibition

    The current Blending Newsletter is the second issue of the Summer 2017 season. For our breaking news, gallery students curated an exhibition by photographer Andrea Firetto and an FUA student recounts her performance experience with St. Mark’s. A full fashion section features great styling shots by FLY, a special on Italian youth fashion, and a photography student’s behind the scenes shots from a recent Dolce & Gabbana add set in Florence. To round out the issue, a double faculty profile and photojournalism in the city.

    Cover image: Photo from Andrea Firetto’s “The Traveler’s Lens” exhibition at Ganzo

    blendingyr7iss5 1080x457
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  • FLY Debuts Summer Event Season

    The current Blending Newsletter is the first issue of Summer 2017 and is packed with fresh content from the new season! FLY inaugurated its summer event season with InGRAINed, a vintage festival featuring local artists and artisans. FUA students cover the arts, healthy recipes and sustainable wineries, local travel in Tuscany, Florentine street style, reflections on study abroad, city favorites such Ponte Vecchio and the Repubblica carousel. We also catch up with Romina Wagener, alum and chef for the Morimoto group.

    Cover image: FLY event poster courtesy of Florence University of the Arts

    blendingyr7iss4 1080x457
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  • Broadcasting Students Visit RAI

    The current Blending Newsletter is the third and final issue of Spring 2017. Broadcasting students report from a recent visit RAI, a major media channel in Italy. Also covered are a review from the recent Middle Eastern film festival in Florence, a brand new fashion column that will regularly feature looks of the month from FLY, and Florence as seen through the eyes of children.

    Cover image: Broadcasting students with RAI Tuscany Director Andrea Jengo

    blendingyr7iss3 1080x457
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  • Electronic Renaissance

    The current Blending Newsletter is the second issue of Spring 2017. The biggest exhibition in town this season is video artist Bill Viola’s Electronic Renaissance show at Palazzo Strozzi. The issue also features Italian films on mafia culture, a poetry selection for the Student Voice section, and fashion alum Alexandra Zofcin who recently created her own brand, The House of AmZ.

    Cover image of the Bill Viola exhibition by Morgan Pennings.

    blendingyr7iss2 fuajschool large
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